the Red Delicious to my Granny Smith 🍎🍏 (at Carter Mountain Orchard)
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What???!?! Do you have a picture??? Omg you have to go full!!!! I think it would suit that sass ;)

I want to! I’ll have to find a picture when it get back to my computer but I definitely think I want to. I’m glad you can pick up my sass without having met me hahah

Vineyard Saturdays
🍁🍃🍂🍷 (at Afton Mountain Vineyards)
18th Oct 201416:35
same drink, different night 👻 (at Postbellum)
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cause of death:  brutal combination of daryl lifting carol off the ground with an emotional hug, the grimes family reunion, and sasha and tyreese

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Sunday Brunch //  (at Starlite Dining and Lounge)
12th Oct 201411:19
new coffee table to spice up the apartment
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Marte Marie Forsberg // Instagram
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